From the last couple of weeks, there have been rumors that Jagan Mohan Reddy will resign as Pulivendula MLA and make YS Avinash Reddy resign to the Kadapa Parliament.

The plan is to contest for Kadapa Parliament so that he can do politics in Delhi and also lobby with the Central Government to get immunity from arrests.

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All this looks simple on paper but can potentially kill Jagan’s Political Career.

If Jagan does this, we will have by-elections for Pulivendula and Kadapa Parliament.

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Pulivendula will become vulnerable as the Ruling Party will have a natural advantage in by-elections. Also, it is not Jagan who will be the candidate there.

You can remember what happened to Kadapa MLC when Late Vivekananda Reddy contested when TDP was in power in 2014-19.

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It should be also noted that Jagan’s majority came down in recent elections.

And then, Jagan will have to face YS Sharmila in the by-election.

TDP came very close in Kadapa Parliament even though it is a three-way contest. If TDP supports Sharmila indirectly, there can be a big upset as well. This is a gamble not even worth taking for Jagan.

Already people are spelling doom for YSR Congress. If Kadapa or Pulivendula or both are lost, it will be a catastrophe.

All these hassles are not worth it for Jagan who already has enough problems in hand. He will try to appease the Center using Vijayasai Reddy like he did in the last 6-7 years.

This time it is not easy for Modi and Shah to play double game as the NDA is dependent on the numbers of the TDP.