Duddukunta-Sreedhar-ReddyPuttaparthi constituency of Sri Sathyasai district has been under TDP’s hold for the last two elections. Duddukunta Sreedhar Reddy won over former Minister Palle Raghunatha Reddy with a whopping 31K votes majority.

But then, along with resentment, group politics are also hampering Sreedhar Reddy here. Former MLA Pamudurthi Ravindra Reddy’s (Late) son, Indrajith Reddy is trying to get a Puttaparthi ticket next time.

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He is also taking Senior leaders Former MLA Nallamada Mohan Reddy and Kadapa Srikanth Reddy into confidence to get the ticket. He has started feast politics (Vindhu Rajakeeyam) in the constituency.

Indrajith arranged a lavish feast for 5000 people in his own Mandal, Bukkapatnam on the 14th of this month. He is trying to unify the party cadre and leaders against the sitting MLA.

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He is planning similar feasts in Nallamada, Obuladevara Cheruvu, Amadaguru, and Puttaparthi Mandals in the coming days. Indrajith’s late father has a good hold on Bukkapatnam, Puttaparthi Kotha Cheruvu Mandals.

They worked for Duddukunta in the previous election but there is a complaint in the cadre and leaders that the MLA completely ignored them after the elections.

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But then, there are many other aspirants for this ticket.

Meanwhile, Palle Raghunadha Reddy has become vigilant after the 2019 defeat and is working hard in the constituency. Too many groups in YCP will help TDP further.