Rahul Gandhi Yatra Andhra Pradesh

It is known that Rahul Gandhi is currently on Bharat Jyodo Nyay Yatra, as a part of which he is touring all across India. With regard to this Yatra, Andhra Pradesh has thrown the biggest surprise.

Interestingly, Andhra Pradesh is the state with the highest donations to the yatra that is being done by Rahul. The state has contributed Rs 1 crore to Rahul’s Yatra and this is the highest tally from any state.

Since AP bifurcation in 2014, Congress hasn’t won a single seat in AP but when it came to donations, the state has topped the list. Going by the report from AP Congress in-charge Manickam Tagore, AP people have donated Rs 1.02 crores to Rahul’s yatra till now and it is followed by Rajasthan with Rs 86.42 lakh. Haryana has donated Rs 74.31 lakh.

Despite having no representation in AP, Congress appears to have some patronage from the AP people and the aforementioned numbers speak for the same.

Is this an after-effect of YS Sharmila’s entry in AP Congress? If so, can the party eat into its traditional vote bank that went with YCP? We will know in less than two months as AP heads for polls.