It’s been ten years since Andhra Pradesh lost its capital, and along with it, the state has given up so many other things that are minimally expected by the people of AP.

When Chandrababu Naidu took over power in 2014, he did the land pooling at rapid speed and transformed Gannavaram airport, which used to look like a small bus station.

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Then YS Jagan Mohan Reddy took over the state, and everybody knows how everything was neglected under his rule, with importance given only to freebies.

Jagan could not even bring one international direct flight to Gannavaram, which is a long-held dream of NRIs from AP. They still land in Hyderabad and mostly travel by road to reach their homes.

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This travel will literally take away any energy or excitement left, as even after landing in Hyderabad, going to their hometown in Andhra will take them almost a day. Imagine the struggle of families traveling with children.

Now that Ram Mohan Naidu has taken charge as aviation minister, NRIs are requesting him to fulfill their wish of bringing Emirates flight connection from Dubai to Gannavaram. This will significantly increase air traffic to the state and make travel much more convenient for NRIs coming to AP from other countries.

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They are hoping that a young leader like Ram can understand the pain they have been going through with travel and are hopeful that he will prioritize this much-needed request. If he does, he will surely be remembered by many NRIs.