Rammohan Naidu Pemmasani Chandrasekhar

Narendra Modi is taking oath as the Prime Minister of India for the third time later this evening.

Along with Modi, a limited team of Ministers is swearing in. Modi also decided to accommodate the allies with more than five MPs.

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TDP is going to get One Cabinet Berth and One MoS in this cabinet. In the next expansion, TDP will get two more Berths.

Chandrababu Naidu is usually known for getting defensive and over-calculative in such things. He is often into caste and region combination. Thereby not getting the candidates who will appeal to the public.

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But this time, Naidu hits out of the park.

He had picked Ram Mohan Naidu for the Cabinet and Pemmasani Chandrasekhar for MoS.

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Both are young, educated, qualified, and very vocal leaders.

Chandrababu Naidu has got so much Positive Press after emerging as the Kingmaker for the NDA. All eyes of the National Media will be on TDP in the next five years. They will be a perfect representation of the TDP.

TDP always suffered proper speakers in the National Media.

Both of them will appeal to the Public, especially the Youth big time.

36-year-old Ram Mohan Naidu Kinjarapu will be the youngest-ever Union Minister is an MBA graduate and holds an engineering degree from the US. He completed his schooling at the Delhi Public School in RK Puram.

Late Yerrannaidu was a close aide of Chandrababu. Naidu paid tribute to his friend by making his son a cabinet minister.

While RMN is a hattrick MP from Srikakulam, Chandrababu has surprised by picking a first-timer, Pemmasani as MoS.

Pemmasani attracted the attention of the entire state with his fiery speeches during the election campaign. Later he won with a sensational majority from Guntur.

He went to America as a General Practitioner from Burripalem in the Guntur district and gained international recognition in no time.

An online training institute named ‘U World’ has been launched for the students appearing for the medical licensing examination in America and has started training them at a low cost after this company has grown to thousands of crores of rupees in a short period of time by providing online training for exams in various courses.

Chandrababu chose him for the post of Union Minister with the intention that his international experience would help in bringing industries to the state and creating employment opportunities for the youth here.

These choices are an indication that we are going to see a new Naidu in the days to come.