YSR Congress’s reduction to just three seats in the Kadapa district is one of the major highlights of this election.

Kadapa Assembly result in particular is stunning.

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Since 2004, TDP did not win a single election in Kadapa. Reddy and Minority Voting rallied with Congress/YSR Congress making it very difficult for TDP.

Telugu Desam Party fielded Reddappagari Madhavi Reddy from the Kadapa Assembly. It is the first time a party fielded a woman for the Kadapa Assembly. Madhavi Reddy pulled off a sensational victory by winning over Deputy CM Amjad Basha with a whopping 18860 votes majority.

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Madhavi comes across as a very learned and intelligent woman. She is also a good speaker and has clarity of thought.

Chandrababu should use her well to change the dynamics of the Kadapa district.

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Women will get to identify with her so much if she is given opportunities to express herself.

The only way to break YSR Congress is by empowering women and attracting Educated voters. Madhavi is the right candidate for that.

Rayalaseema and particularly Kadapa should not be left out due to the feudal mentality of those who kept it backward to keep their chairs safe.

Chandrababu should use the next few years to ensure the repairs for Kadapa district and Madhavi can be a good candidate for it.