YSRCP MediaReddy Media is losing sleep over the support Chandrababu Naidu is getting from the people. While they are repenting this hasty act of Jagan in private, they are desperately trying to play down the huge sympathy wave that is in favor of TDP.

They started it the next day after the former Chief Minister’s arrest. We have seen them call a Dalit IAS officer PV Ramesh Chowdary just because he gave an interview in favor of Chandrababu in the Skill Development case.

A couple of days ago, a car showroom in Hyderabad denied service to YSR Congress leaders in protest of Chandrababu’s arrest. Today, a hotel on the Hyderabad – Vijayawada highway offered discounted food to those who participated in the Car rally from Hyderabad to Rajahmundry.

Reddy Media immediately got an alert and wanted to divert the issue. They started using their age-old technique. They started adding a ‘Chowdary’ tag to the owners of these businesses and are trying to portray it as a Caste Movement.

How did they confirm their caste? They need not confirm. They just add ‘Chowdary’ to their names and push the agenda into the people with all force. There are YSR Congress social media teams and I-PAC to do the trick from there.

We have seen YSR Congress filled with Reddys from Top to Bottom. Other communities were only for namesakes in no prominent roles. Forget about political parties, these Reddy Media Houses hold meters that would gauge Reddy Kula Pichhi and Kamma hatred while recruiting.

They just wrap themselves as a saint and their caste mud on others.

“This is nothing but spreading their ‘Gajji’ (scabies an infectious skin disease) to others,” TDP supporters are saying.

Mothkupalli Narasimhulu, a Dalit who was a strong supporter of Jagan before the 2019 elections is doing Deeksha for Chandrababu right now. Yet Reddy Media wants to paint this support as only from Kammas.

Meanwhile, the Supreme Court registry has given a number for Chandrababu’s Special Leave Petition but the bench is not allotted. It is likely to come up for a hearing tomorrow.