Social Media has become a very important part of Politics these days. The narrative is being set on social media and that is going into the people via WhatsApp.

Hence, Political Parties are maintaining Social Media teams spending Crores of money.

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KTR is one Political Leader who made Perfect use of Social Media to improve his image by leaps and bounds when BRS is in Power.

In fact, he served as an example to many leaders about how to attract the Youth mainly using Social Media.

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But the new Chief Minister Revanth Reddy is struggling in the race.

Telangana Food Safety Department is raiding various eateries left right and center and are unearthing many defects.

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Even the big names like Karachi Bakery, Rameshwaram Cafe, and others were brought to their knees.

Rameshwaram Cafe owner had to release a video apologizing for their mistakes.

If it was KTR, the Social Media teams of BRS would attribute these raids to KTR and that would immensely contribute to his image.

Food is a very connecting factor to the Youth. These raids have become a burning topic across all Social Media Platforms, WhatsApp, and Foodies Groups.

But no one is attributing them to Revanth Reddy and are seeing more as Department raids. That is the failure of Congress’s Social Media Supporters and their teams.

BRS is trying to seize the opportunity in this through their Social Media Teams.

They are making allegations that Revanth Reddy is anti-Hindu as the Department is not targeting Muslim-owned Eateries in the Old City.

There is no proper rebuttal on that as well from the Congress.