Revanth Reddy

The dynamo disrupting Telangana politics – Anumula Revanth Reddy. Born into a humble farming family in Konda Reddy Palli, Vangur, Mahabubnagar District on November 8, 1969, Revanth’s political journey is as fascinating as it is unexpected.

His political spark ignited during his college days at Osmania University A.V. College, where he emerged as a leader within the Akhil Bharat Vidyarthi Parishad. Post-graduation, he tied the knot with Geetha, Congress leader Jaipal Reddy’s niece, and dove into the political arena by aligning with the Telugu Desam Party (TDP).

Revanth’s meteoric rise became apparent during the 2009 and 2014 assembly elections. His declared assets skyrocketed from Rs. 3.6 crores in 2009 to a staggering Rs. 13.12 crores in 2014, coupled with debts that mirrored this exponential growth. However, a sting operation in 2015 temporarily halted his momentum, leading to his arrest and subsequent restrictions on his movements.

Undeterred, Revanth pivoted to the Congress in 2017 and contested from Kodangal in 2018, assuming a key role in the Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee. His resilience paid off in the 2023 assembly elections, securing victory in Kodangal and setting the stage for potential elevation to the Chief Minister’s position.

This triumph is no small feat, considering the tumult within the Congress ranks and Revanth’s own tussles with senior leaders like Dasoju Sravan and Komatireddy Raj Gopal Reddy. Despite internal dissent, Revanth’s strategic maneuvers and alignment with election strategist Sunil Kanugolu contributed to the Congress’s resurgence.

Revanth’s journey reflects his commitment to unseating K Chandrasekhar Rao (KCR), whose elaborate plans, including Revanth’s arrest in 2015, aimed to dismantle the TDP threat. From a ZPTC representative in 2006 to becoming the potential face of Congress, Revanth’s story is one of political resilience and adaptability.

His rivalry with KCR was fueled by a desire to make the KCR family politically irrelevant. Revanth’s ability to navigate through challenges, from arrests to party rebellions, showcases a leader who has weathered the storm to emerge as a formidable force.

According to the latest reports, the swearing-in ceremony of the new Chief Minister of Telangana will be held at the LB Stadium on Monday and Revanth Reddy is the top contender for the CM post.

Only time will reveal the next chapter in the captivating political saga of Anumula Revanth Reddy.