YSR Congress promoter and Director Ram Gopal Varma is either busy making C-grade propaganda films, making obnoxious comments on Pawan Kalyan, Chandrababu Naidu, and Lokesh, defending sleazy stars like Poonam Pandey, or spending sleazy time having vodka with wannabe heroines.

In a recent social media post, RGV is captured in a state of inebriation (drunk state), striking vulgar poses with a social media influencer. Unfortunately, some young women seem to entertain him with the hope of securing a role in his C-grade films.

Netizens are taking the opportunity to troll RGV incessantly for his tasteless and objectionable tweets, especially considering his 61 years of age. It’s disheartening to witness a director who once created cult classics like Shiva, Satya, and Company stoop to such low levels.

Adding to the downfall, RGV’s social media reach has dwindled to almost zero. In the past, he used to garner some thousand likes, along with a few hundred retweets and comments for his senseless yet interesting posts. However, people have now ceased to take him, his films, or his tweets seriously. He has completely lost his credibility.