The Polling in Andhra Pradesh is less than two weeks to go. Even after the polling, we have to wait for another twenty days to get the result (June 4th).

Surveys are flooding social media on one name or the other. The flow will only increase after the polling.

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No one can vouch for the authenticity and they should be taken with a pinch of salt. However, some surveys can be taken into consideration based on their track record.

RISE is one such Survey Agency that got Karnataka and Telangana election results right.

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The Survey estimates TDP+ coming to Power with 108-120 seats and YSR Congress may get 41-54 seats.

Here is an important insight into two very interesting seats of Gudivada (Kodali Nani) and Gannavaram (Vallabhaneni Vamsi).

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TDP cadre takes these seats very seriously since they feel both of them ditched the party. They are also deeply hurt by the language they used on TDP leadership.

Kodali Nani is almost like a staunch enemy of the TDP cadre on that issue. His language and the way how he used the NTR topic to divide the cadre increased animosity against him.

Vallabhaneni Vamsi also left the party but what makes it worse is his comments on Nara Bhuvaneshwari which led to her character assassination in the Assembly.

TDP cadre is determined to defeat them at any cost.

This Survey says TDP’s Yarlagadda Venkat Rao is winning for sure in Gannavaram and Venigandla Ramu has an edge over Kodali Nani.

Vamsi is a two-time MLA in Gannavaram and Kodali Nani is a four-time MLA from Gudivada.

Anti-incumbency and the efforts of TDP seem to be working.

If TDP wins Andhra Pradesh on June 4th and if both of them are defeated, that will definitely call for the biggest celebration in the TDP camp.