Roja Ignores Party Line In Eagerness!Over the last few days, we are seeing Ministers of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana indulge in a war of words about the Polavaram project.

Telangana government is demanding to decrease the height of the Polavaram Project saying that it will submerge Bhadrachalam.

AP Ministers have resisted but it looks like mere optics. Andhra Pradesh Minister, Roja wished Telangana IT Minister KTR on his Birthday.

Roja just did not wish. She showered praises on KTR with so many accolades and even got a special Birthday video made for the Minister.

“Roja just exposed Jagan and KCR. They are just partners in crime. The recent Polavaram issue is like ‘I will act as if I beat you, You act like you cry’,” the opponents are criticizing show this as an example.

This time Jagan’s political opponents were also joined by the BJP supporters in Telangana as well.

Telangana BJP believes TRS is trying to stroke Telangana sentiment using the Polavaram issue to battle the anti-incumbency.

Roja always tries to be in the good books of the Telangana Government. In her eagerness, she may have forgotten the party’s current line.