Chandrababu Naidu is off to an undisclosed foreign country for his Health Checkup and will return by the month’s end.

Sakshi has been running propaganda about Chandrababu Naidu’s Foreign Tour. The other day, it wrote that immigration stopped Chandrababu when boarding the US flight and did not allow him to go until the CID cleared him.

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M9 News busted this propaganda by revealing that Chandrababu did not go to the United States and this immigration – CID story is fabricated.

Sakshi came up with another fabricated story today.

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This time they corrected saying that Chandrababu went to Italy and maintained the immigration – CID story.

Sakshi expressed doubts over the secrecy and tried to cook its own stories. But the fact is that TDP has an extensive NRI support base and it has become pertinent for Chandrababu to meet them if he goes to some country.

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They also follow Chandrababu Naidu wherever he goes. That has become a problem since he is going for a Medical Checkup.

So, this time the location has been kept a secret and there is nothing more to it.

And coming to the immigration – CID story, there is no condition in Chandrababu’s bail order about going out of the country.

Hence there is no need for him to inform the court or the CID.

In contrast, the CBI Court is in possession of Jagan’s passport since 2013 and he was not allowed to go out of the country without permission.

So, we can see him taking permission before every foreign trip.

If there is a problem with immigration, CID can not give clearance. It is the court that has to clear it.

If something of that sort happened, it would have certainly leaked to the media to embarrass Naidu. We have seen how things were in the CID cases in the last couple of years.

TDP could not even counter this propaganda with these simple facts.