YS Vivekananda Reddy Sunitha

Sakshi and YSR Congress Social Media, all of a sudden, started the character assassination of YS Vivekananda Reddy in a bid to counter Sunitha and Sharmila.

Since yesterday, YSR Congress Social Media has been spreading videos and photographs of Viveka with his second wife and son.

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They are misquoting Sunitha’s statement in a press meet that she is unaware of Viveka’s second marriage.

They plan to showcase that Sunitha had property issues with her father due to Viveka’s second marriage so, Sunitha and her husband may have eliminated him.

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Sakshi also carried a main page item about the same.

It is interesting to note that Sakshi and YSR Congress Social Media quoted Sunitha’s comments three days ago and are building these stories.

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But the fact is that Sunitha never denied knowing the second marriage.

When asked about the issues with her father due to the second marriage, she clearly said, “I had differences with my father on certain aspects of life. But that does not change my love for him. We all may have issues with our parents. Does that change anything? ఒక్క ఇష్యూ లో ప్రాబ్లం ఉన్నత మాత్రానా తండ్రీకూతురు రిలేషన్ పక్కన పెట్టలేం”.

There is another question on the same lines.

The question is – “We heard there are differences in getting a seat for Viveka’s son in Hyderabad Public School and a house for Viveka’s second wife. Did Viveka really got married for the second time? What happened to her and the son?”

For this question, Sunitha said, “I have no idea”.

Sunitha said no idea about the HPS seat and a house for Viveka’s wife. No son or daughter would want to talk about her father’s second marriage when his/her mother is alive. She has no idea about their whereabouts or may not want to talk about the issues publicly.

Sunitha clearly said she differed with her father on that issue.

Sakshi and YSRCP Social Media are twisting the words to show she said she has no idea about the relationship and the marriage.

To save Avinash Reddy, there are attempts to assassinate the character of Viveka and as well as his daughter.