Same-Reason-for-TDP's-Confusion-and-YSR-Congress'-ConfidenceWe are less than one month for the results of Andhra Pradesh Elections. Both the Major Parties are confident of coming to Power. But YSR Congress supporters are looking very confident while TDP supporters are in two minds. Even though they are confident of the success, they have their own doubts about the election results.

This confusion is seen in the body language of everyone from Chandrababu to the foot soldiers of the party. However, Political Experts say this confusion may be due to the misfire in Telangana Assembly Elections. “TDP is so confident of Mahakutami success in Telangana Elections but they are proved to be wrong. This is the reason for their confusion,” they say.

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“YSR Congress also supported TRS in Telangana Elections and they are proved to be right. So, they are confident this time as well. Incidentally, Telangana Election is the reason for TDP’s doubtfulness and YSR Congress’ Over-Confidence. We will have to be seen who will have the last laugh on May 23rd,” they added.

In such a case, it is like TDP may not be doubtful but is just being over-cautious. This election is a do or die case for both the parties. YSR Congress cannot survive in Opposition for two terms while Chandrababu will be troubled by Jagan and Narendra Modi if he does not come to Power this time.

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