YS Jagan Mohan Reddy who never cared about meeting his own leaders when in power is keeping Review meetings almost every day after the defeat.

The Visuals of the meeting without voices are being released to media. Jagan is trying to indicate that he is not impacted by the defeat and the leaders still trust him.

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Sources say that the Review Meetings actually are not reviewing anything. Jagan is simply blaming the people for not voting and the leaders are only consoling him.

The other day, Jagan reportedly mentioned to the leaders that they had done surveys before and after the elections with Seventeen Lakh Samples and could not find any anti-incumbency.

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The Former Chief Minister is still of the view ‘something happened‘.

If Seventeen Lakh Samples could not gauge the mood, it indicates people see you as a dictator and are afraid to tell you their choice. That should be the Biggest worry for Jagan.

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Or else, the Samples picking is wrong. That means you spent 100s of Crores on useless agencies like I-PAC and others.

Going by the track record of I-PAC, the first scenario maybe correct. There is no other sensible explanation than that.