Sisters – Sharmila and Suneetha are quickly becoming a pain to YSR Congress and Jagan Mohan Reddy in the run-up to the elections.

Both the sisters are different in a way but at the same time are effective.

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Sharmila is known for her straight-to-the-point and sharp criticism. She offers that kind of Masala in her speeches that connects instantly with the masses.

Sharmila is nailing Jagan in all the issues like Special Status, Polavaram, Liquor Mafia, Sand Mafia, etc along with Vivekananda Reddy’s murder.

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Even though the issues are the same everywhere she goes, she packages them neatly for the voters to understand.

She is sometimes facing resistance from the YSR Congress cadre in areas like Kadapa. But she does not hesitate to let them talk and take questions from them. After giving them a patient hearing, she is giving it back in her own style which is helping her image big time.

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Suneetha is so different from Sharmila. She is soft-spoken and is not well-versed in speaking in Telugu.

But then, she is completely well-versed in the subject at hand (Viveka’s Murder).

We have seen her doing everything. She is attending road shows along with Sharmila. She is having Press conferences in Hyderabad. She is taking forward all the legal cases and we have also seen her giving presentations showing how Avinash Reddy is involved in this murder.

In the initial days, Suneetha used to be very naive and innocent. Looks like the circumstances made her strong-willed.

She does not hesitate to give back to unruly Sakshi reporters who are coming to her Pressmeets to trouble her.

At the same time, she is not using force but is giving back with proper reason and logic.

Compared with Jagan, she has no political experience but is not avoiding media or not putting a bar on Sakshi reporters despite knowing their intentions.

Both the sisters are causing enough damage to Jagan. One thing to be noted here is Jagan and YSR Congress can bluff anyone who questions them but when the questions are being posed by family members, they are clearly struggling.

It is very difficult to counter them and at the same time very risky not to counter them. Jagan is clearly in trouble here!