Axis My India is the most reliable Survey Agency in the country. It has an impeccable track record in predicting elections due to its proven methodology and wide network to collect qualitative samples.

Axis My India said the YSR Congress will be reduced to only 2-4 seats from its earlier tally of twenty-two seats in 2019. That said NDA is projected to win 21-23 seats in total which means a landslide.

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In terms of Vote Share, NDA is poised to get a whopping 53% while YSR Congress is down to just 41%. Congress is at 4% while others are at 2%.

YSR Congress leaders and cadre started mudslinging Axis My India and its Chairman & Managing Director Pradeep Gupta.

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They say Pradeep Gupta is a stooge of the BJP and he has fudged the data to meet the 400 mark for the NDA.

Axis My India gave 361-401 seats to the BJP.

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But this logic seems to be silly. Forget 400, even if BJP is at 300, there is no issue at all.

There is not even a single Survey Agency in the country that gives a chance to the INDIA Alliance.

What is the use of fudging the data just to show 400+?

Why would a Survey Agency like Axis My India would destroy its reputation just to change the Majority?

If it is a Pre-poll survey, there is a chance because it can influence the voters.

Also, India Today which has commissioned Axis My India is not a pro-BJP channel.

Anyway, we have less than two days to go to know the real result.