Congress failed to open its account in the GHMC area. It was a wave in favor of the BRS in the city which is completely contrasting to what the other parts of the state witnessed. And then, some people say there is no impact of the TDP vote in this election and that is the reason why Congress failed.

There is an impact of the TDP vote in this election. Political experts say it is around 10% of the total vote share but that is not enough because Congress is very weak in the city. We do not say that easily and here are the numbers to justify that.

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Congress got a 28.4% Vote Share in the 2009 GHMC elections but since then, there has been a decline in Congress’s strength in the city. In this election, Congress got a 28% Vote Share which is comparable to its last best performance i.e., in the 2009 GHMC election.

In the 2009 GHMC elections, TDP got a vote share of 28.03% and in the 2014 election, TDP and BJP alliance got a vote share of 33%. In 2014, Congress only managed 16.8%.

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After that Cash for Vote happened and TDP is on a decline in the city like everywhere in Telangana.

In the 2016 GHMC elections, TDP managed 13.11% and even then, Congress managed only 10.4%.

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In the 2018 General elections, TDP and Congress jointly contested and got around 20%. We can not exactly decide each party’s strength.

In the 2020 GHMC election, Congress only got 6.6%.

How did Congress improve from 6.6% to 28%? We did not see any big leaders joining the party in the city. Even Revanth Reddy was not concentrating much in the city. Even if Congress tripled its 6.6% due to the positive vote, TDP sympathizers, Kamma Voters, and Neutral voters should have added another 10% Vote Share to Congress after they were hurt by the way the BRS Government handled Chandrababu’s arrest issue.

But the fact is that TDP could not add beyond that and Congress can not rise above its weight and so, the combined vote share is not enough to defeat BRS.

If not for the TDP votes, BJP would have been in second place in the city.

TDP supporters doing some cross-voting to former TDP leaders in BRS also did not help the cause.