Sunil Kanugolu Prashant Kishor

Political Strategist Sunil Kanugolu is the talk of the Political Circles right now. He successfully executed a campaign in Karnataka and brought Congress to power there. There was an excellent campaign highlighting the failures of the previous BJP Government there.

After Karnataka, Sunil is now working in Telangana. Even though BRS is a cash cow, it is pretty impressive how Congress grabbed all the eyeballs with unique and innovative marketing. Especially, the ads designed for Television, Print, and Social Media were very appealing and went viral everywhere.

From Picking the candidates to the way Rebels were handled, it was more simple this time in Congress than in the previous instances.

Whatever the result from here, Sunil Kanugolu’s campaign is a success for sure.

If Congress wins, he will be credited for scripting a remarkable victory.

Even if Congress loses, it is not easy to make so much noise and visibility while handling the campaign for a losing party.

Either way, Sunil is making a big name for himself. Some even credit him as a bigger force than Prashant Kishor who mostly had successes with winning horses while Sunil is impressive with Underdogs.

It looks like he will be a force to reckon with in the upcoming General Elections in 2024.

We will have to see if TDP will take his services for the Assembly election.