prashant-kishor-jagan-kotamreddyThere’s a widespread opinion that arresting Chandrababu Naidu and looking to arrest Nara Lokesh is a blatant misuse of power by CM Jagan. Well, as it appears, Jagan was firmly advised against it by his trusted man Prashant Kishor.

YCP rebel MLA Kotamreddy Sridhar Reddy said he has an industrialist friend who has a good rapport with Prashant Kishor and here’s what their latest interaction revealed.

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Prashant Kishor had conveyed to Jagan that the graph of YCP was very bad and the MLC elections trend where TDP clearly dominated the elections showed the same. YCP did all it could to win the polls while TDP put in very little effort but still the latter won the MLC election” Prashant Kishor said to Jagan in an attempt to make him understand the ground reality in AP.

Prashant gave a survey report to Jagan and advised him to change at least 100 of his MLA candidates and do something experimental to attract the voters. But Jagan wasn’t in approval of it, it seems.

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“When Jagan told Prashant that he plans to arrest Chandrababu and Lokesh, the I-PAC chief said this is nothing but political suicide. He explained what happened when the ruling parties oppressed opposition leaders like Indira Gandhi, Mamata Benerjee, Karunanidhi, and Jayalalitha back in the day. Those in power will loose heavily if they oppress the opposition. But Jagan didn’t pay attention to this and carried on with his scheme anyway”. Prashant reportedly told Kotamreddy’s industrialist friend.

It is evident that Prashant himself, the man who helped Jagan to come to power in 2019 is firmly against the arrest of CBN. At this rate, this move should certainly come back to haunt Jagan.

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