Caste equations often play a very important role in Politics. Sometimes it is not about numbers, it’s all about the chemistry that matters.

For example, Kamma and Reddys are less than 15% of the total population. But we have seen Tummala Nageshwara Rao and Ponguleti Srinivas Reddy work together in the Khammam district of Telangana and register a sensation for Congress. It’s just not the Khammam district, they were able to influence other districts as well.

Similarly, the combination of Kamma and Kapu is going to be sensational in Andhra Pradesh politics.

TDP and Janasena announced their seat-sharing. TDP will contest 151 seats while Janasena will get the remaining Twenty-four.

Except for a couple of seats, there are not many disappointments from Janasena’s side. Once announced, Kandula Durgesh’s seat may also cause a bit of an issue. But by and large, it is peaceful.

Initially, a small section of Janasainiks was disappointed about the Twenty-Four number, but then, it was decided only based on Surveys and winning chances.

To flare up the emotions of that small section and to extrapolate it to the entire Kapu community, Sakshi and YSR Congress Social Media wings are working non-stop.

They are trying to amplify small incidents and are trying to show that the discontentment is very high and there is no chance of Vote-transfer.

They are using ‘Nadendla Manohar’ to aid their propaganda.

The other day, the followers of Tanuku Janasena ticket aspirant, Vidivada Ramachandra Rao tried to attack Nadendla.

Nadendla Manohar who is Number Two in the Janasena party is being targeted by the Blue Media trying to portray him as the villain.

The fact that Manohar is from the Kamma community comes in handy for them. They are trying to use Manohar to disturb the harmony of the Kamma and Kapu communities. So, that they do not work together.

But then, all these are temporary. Everything will settle down once Pawan Kalyan is back on the ground campaigning.