Ambati-Rambabu-Anagani-Satya-PrasadThe TDP announced its mini manifesto much in advance of the election and this has become a hot topic in the Telugu states. This has evidently shaken up YSRCP as the party leaders have started alleging CBN has started his freebie promises that he wont fulfil even if he comes to power.

TPD troops are well prepared for this expected attack from YSRCP and they are countering the ruling party in an effective manner.

TDP Repalle MLA, Anagani Satya Prasad has now come with a mass troll on Jagan by using the latter’s own mouthpiece Sakshi Media against him.

Anagani shared Sakshi paper clippings of Jagan making promises like a complete liquor ban, pension from the age of 45, completing Polavaram, and fulfilling 2.5 lakh government jobs.

The MLA pointed out that Jagan made all these false promises and didn’t fulfil any of them and he has used news reports from Sakshi to quote the same, so that YCP can’t defend it in any way.

“Jagan MOSAM Reddy started attacking us as soon as we announced our manifesto. Has he himself lived up to his manifesto?” Anagani commented. This tweet is being lapped up by the TDP troops and it is going viral.

Satya Prasad Anagani Repalle MLA