TDP Party

Telangana elections are done and dusted. There are different opinions about the contribution of TDP votes in Congress victory. Keeping that aside, TDP supporters have worked hard for Revanth Reddy in the Telangana elections.

It is for the return gift for KTR who was very insensitive in Chandrababu Naidu’s arrest issue and for the involvement of KCR in the Andhra Pradesh elections in 2019.

Whatever may be, the elections in Telangana are over and Revanth Reddy is the new Chief Minister. His Swearing Ceremony is also completed.

It is all up to Revanth Reddy to fulfill the Six Guarantees he promised before the elections and prove himself.

TDP supporters are still in a success hangover and their minds are still in Telangana.

We see that they are fighting the battles of Congress (Revanth Reddy) on social media against the other parties.

At this point, it is unnecessary.

TDP supporters should stop celebrating and realize that elections in Andhra Pradesh are less than four months away.

There is a lot of work to do in Andhra Pradesh. They have no business in Telangana politics and should start taking on the YSR Congress.

Already they have lost precious time after they got distracted by Chandrababu’s arrest and Telangana elections.

It’s high time they begin working for Andhra Pradesh.