It is more or less confirmed that BJP will be the part of TDP and Janasena alliance. Chandrababu Naidu is going to Delhi for the final round of talks with the Top Leadership.

There are opinions about if this is a smart move or not. Keeping that aside, the number of seats BJP will get in this alliance is an interesting topic.

In 2014, BJP has got 12 MLA seats and 4 MP seats. Obviously they will bargain for more citing the Narendra Modi factor. But then, BJP in Andhra Pradesh got further weakened when compared to 2014.

Moreover, Janasena did not contest in 2014. This time Janasena will get around 25 seats for sure. If BJP becomes ambitious and asks for more seats, around 40-50 seats will be between Janansena and BJP.

At least 30 seats will be in high risk category. YSR Congress will easily run over the candidates in those seats.

TDP will get to contest only in 125-135 seats and will have to maintain an excellent strike rate to come to power.

Also, if more MP seats are sacrificed, the liasoning power in Delhi will be impacted severely. In the best interests of the state, BJP should be dependent on the MP seats of Andhra Pradesh.

So, the Seat-sharing will be a real challenge for Chandrababu Naidu.