YSR Congress is alleging that EVMs in the recent Andhra Pradesh Elections were hacked and the results were tampered with in favor of TDP+.

YSR Congress leaders including Jagan were coming up with ridiculous theories about the EVM Hacking.

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Jagan called them Shakuni Pachikalu which delivered votes as per the whims and fancies of Chandrababu Naidu. He demanded that there should be a nationwide discussion about the EVMs.

Jagan’s Uncle, Former MLA Ravindranath Reddy said Chandrababu Naidu went to Singapore immediately after the Polling and changed the votes by scanning Barcodes.

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Former Dharmavaram MLA, Kethireddy Venkat Rami Reddy is making similar ridiculous videos.

YSR Congress followers are demanding that the election be canceled and that it should be held using Ballot Papers for accurate results.

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But then, the results may not change even when Ballot Papers are used.

In March 2023, the MLC elections happened in Andhra Pradesh.

TDP has wrested the North Andhra Graduates’ MLC seat and pushed the ruling YSR Congress Party to the second position.

TDP also won both East Rayalaseema and West Rayalaseema seats and that too comfortably.

Between these three seats, there were 108 Assembly constituencies. Those elections were held using Ballot Papers which means TDP won an election using the Ballot Papers as well. So, the result can not be different if the elections are re-held now even though that is not possible.

There were warning signs back then itself but then YSR Congress chose to ignore them.

They should have been alert when the seats of Rayalaseema were also lost.

Sajjala Ramakrishna Reddy, back then, came before the media and said ‘Maa Voterlu Vere Unnaru’.

That attitude has cost the election for YSR Congress and this result could potentially end YSR Congress and send Jagan to jail as well.