Congress’s Victory in Telangana and Revanth Reddy’s elevation as the Chief Minister changed the political turf in Andhra Pradesh as well.

The victory changed the mindset of the people that even leaders do welfare on large scale can be defeated. It has a message that anti-incumbency is bigger than welfare or anything else.

Since then, there is a fear in the YSR Congress that change may be imminent in Andhra Pradesh too.

Moreover, they are worried that Revanth Reddy will interfere in the Andhra elections just like how KCR helped Jagan in 2019.

Blue Media is trying to pacify their supporters and cadres saying that Revanth Reddy will not interfere in Telangana elections as he fears retaliation by Telangana Reddys.

They imply that Telangana Reddys will be upset if Jagan is defeated in Andhra Pradesh.

This is a silly theory. Jagan Mohan Reddy is past as far as Telangana Reddys are concerned like how Telangana people gave away on YSR, Jagan, and YSR Congress. That is the reason why Sharmila did not contest in the Telangana elections.

It is a desperate hope to think Telangana Reddys will help Jagan.

Revanth Reddy is the first Reddy Chief Minister of Telangana. He is a bigger icon to Reddys there than Jagan.

Jagan insulted their icon by not even wishing after becoming the Chief Minister.

For them, Jagan is on the side of a Velama (KCR) and wants to defeat a Reddy (Revanth). That does not help their cause.

If Reddys in Telangana are still obsessed with Jagan, they would not have deserted KCR in the recent elections.

Blue Media may find a better reason to inforce some confidence in their rank and file other than this silly reason.