Pawan Kalyan - YS Jagan.- Telangana - Elections 2018The verdict of Telangana voters is now in the EVMs. The results will be out on 11th of this month. All the political parties will be on the edge of their seats to find out who will win the race. The National media unanimously predicted TRS coming back to power but Andhra Octopus Lagadapati Rajagopal firmly stood behind the Congress-led Mahakutami.

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With his impeccable track record, TRS can only ignore him at its peril. This election result will have a huge impact on the national politics as well as it will advocate the Unity among opposition parties to take on the BJP if Mahakutami wins the election. It will put TDP at a huge advantage in Andhra Pradesh where elections are due in May the next year.

Hence the opposition parties YSR Congress and Janasena are waiting with bated breath for this election result. They are very much sure that a positive result here for Chandrababu will buoy his image in Andhra Pradesh as well. Both the parties were out of Telangana elections to be on the safe side but the results will still haunt them if Mahakutani wins.

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Congress stands chance in four states with Mizoram going for hung with the party still in contention. If at all the party manages to win all the elections, it will be a shot in the arm for the main opposition party ahead of the 2019 elections. The party will take on the mighty BJP with utmost confidence and with the indications of Modi wave subsiding.