After seeing a strong anti-incumbent wave in Telangana, where multiple sitting ministers and BRS veterans lost the election, AP CM Jagan is said to have altered his plan for AP polls.

Reportedly, Jagan plans to fire as many as 50 MLAs. Amidst the social media narrative that BRS failed to regain power after so much development activity surrounding the capital area in Hyderabad, and imagine the situation with Jagan who had no eye on development, this move from the YCP boss to let go off 50 MLAs has caught the attention.

Jagan too fears anti-incumbency and hence the idea to fire nearly 35% of his MLAs. The decision has been taken and the execution will begin shortly, say reports.

Jagan changed the early plan to fire 30 MLAs and instead decided to wave goodbye to 50 MLAs, it seems. There could be a chance that a few of these MLAs might be given MP tickets and get replaced by MP candidates.

The important thing here is firing 50 MLAs at once and then handling the rebellion that comes with it. First of all, firing as many MLAs itself will give an indication to public that Jagan is uncertain about his party’s fate in the next election and this can be considered as a sign of weakness by the voters, which could backfire even more on the face of YCP.