NIA-HyderabadHyderabad had been under the radar of NIA and Anti Terrorism Squad for a while now. Recentyl, a terrorist development was busted in the city and three culprits were arrested.

Now, there’s another substantial progress in the anti terrorism movement in Hyderabad as a gang of 5 members was arrested today.

Going into the story, the Anti Terrorism Squad arrested 11 members in Bhopal, and 5 in Hyderabad who are involved with terrorism. A total of 16 people were detained in this elaborate operation. As mentioned, 5 people were arrested inn Hyderabad.

The police seized multiple mobile phones, literature books, knives, electronic devices, and draggers from the arrested culprits.

The Central Intelligence Department had orchestrated the operations that were carried out in Bhopal and Hyderabad today. Madhya Pradesh police carried out the operation and arrested the individuals. All of them were shifted to Madhya Pradesh.

It is understood that the cuprits had been in Hyderabad for the last 18 months and were planning a terrorism operation. Reportedly, they are also luring youth to join terrorism. They are all in police custody now.