Aswini-Dutt-TTD-Senior Producer Aswini Dutt has made critical comments on Andhra Pradesh Politics.

“I am out of Politics but will help TDP in Political campaign. It’s not like I like TDP. I like Chandrababu Naidu as a leader. I feel there can be no better leader like him in the future as well,” he said.

He also made some severe comments on the Jagan Government in Andhra Pradesh.

“Chinna Jeeyyar Swamy used to criticize Chandrababu every day in the name of Veyyi Kalla Mandapam. Even though it is removed in consultation with Sastra experts and for the safety of the Temple. Now there is no sin that doesn’t happen in Tirupati,” he said.

“In these three years after this government came to power, they completely destroyed Tirupati. I don’t understand why Swamy is sparing them. That Vizag Swamy is an idiot. This guy is a bit learned. But what happened to this Swamys?,” he questioned.

“Conversions are rampant in the villages but this Chinna Jeeyyar will stay silent. Further, he says Jagan Mohan Reddy is a God when the CM comes for Statue of Unity,” he told.

“I named my daughters – Swapna, Seshu Priyanka after Sammakka Sarakka. People reveres them so much. What does he talk about them?” he asks.

“We can even imagine the ‘Anyayalu’ that happens in Tirumala. I saw a video of TTD Chairman Reddy rising ticket prices as if in an auction. Swamy is saving all of us in Kaliyugam. We have nothing to do except for waiting for Good to happen,” the senior Producer says in disappointment.