Bandi-Sanjay-Chandrababu-NaiduThe twin Telugu states are fully occupied with the series of incidents preceding and succeeding the arrest of TDP boss Chandrababu Naidu. Now, BJP top-tier leader Bandi Sanjay has reacted to the same.

“There is nothing wrong in arresting and taking action against a fraudster. But what happened in Chandrababu’s case is that they have arrested a man whose named wasn’t even in the FIR” Bandi stated.

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“If they have any political rivalries, they should keep it on political grounds. Arresting a senior politician who had worked as a chief minister in such an unruly manner is unacceptable” Bandi went on to add.

Then came the interesting statement from the senior BJP leader as he pointed out that there could be a revolution for CBN’s arrest.

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“The entire state saw the way in which he was arrested. There will be a revolution amongst the public over Chandrababu’s arrest. No one is pleased with what had happened and how it happened. There will definitely be consequences” he stated.

This comment coming from BJP top leadership has caught the attention now. This comes after AP BJP chief Purandeshwari fully condemned the arrest earlier.

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