Telugu Desam Party will have its Annual Conclave ‘Mahanadu’ on the occasion of its founder, Nandamuri Taraka Ramarao’s Jayanthi on May 28th every year.

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But then, this year, the results were out on June 4th. Since the leaders and cadre were preparing for the counting, the Mahanadu was not conducted.

Now, TDP had secured a Sensational Victory in the recent elections.

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TDP and allies bagged 164 out of the 175 seats in the State Assembly. This is the biggest mandate ever in the history of Andhra Pradesh even if consider the Sensational Victories registered by NT Ramarao himself.

YSR Congress is reduced to just eleven seats.

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This victory is so special to the TDP cadre. The last five years has been hell for everyone in the party.

The cadre was harassed in all possible ways. The leaders were threatened, silence, and arrested.

The cadre consider Chandrababu Naidu as a Fatherly Figure. Jagan even humiliated Chandrababu Naidu by arresting him in a case with no substance.

He did not give respect to his age as well.

And then, YSR Congress leaders resorted to the character assassination of Bhuvaneshwari who is the daughter of the Great NT Ramarao.

All these combined makes TDP victory so special. More than the top leadership and the leaders, it is the cadre that needs to celebrate this victory.

This is the right time to have Mahanadu.