This Self-Goal Of BJP To Help KCR In Election?Telangana Rashtra Samiti is appearing on the slippery ground for the first time after the state bifurcation. Even though it is not easy to defeat TRS, BJP is going to give strong competition in the coming elections.

But then, the lack of unity between the leaders may prove to be costly for Telangana BJP.

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Bandi Sanjay is the state party president but Eetela Rajender is trying to get hold of the party. To elevate himself he has been challenging KCR to fight against him in the elections.

“I will come to Gajwel or you can contest on me in Huzurabad,” Eetela is challenging. By pitting himself against the CM, he is portraying himself as the CM candidate from BJP.

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Today he went a step ahead and announced that BJP high command has handed him the responsibility of bringing the BJP to power in the state.

Sensing his intentions, Bandi Sanjay quickly countered Eetela saying that individuals can not decide from where to contest and the party high command will take the call.

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With the statement, he called the bluff of Eetela on this issue.

But by fighting each other, there is a danger of BJP leaders gifting the election on a platter to TRS in 2023.