The verdict of the voters in Telangana is sealed and deposited in the EVMs which are safely sitting in the Strong Rooms. The Exit Polls are largely in favor of Congress while BRS is hoping that they will all go wrong for once.

The real verdict will be out only on December 3rd when the counting takes place.

Whether Congress wins or loses, there is a lesson to be learned from the Grand Old Party, particularly for the Opposition in Andhra Pradesh.

Congress was nowhere in Telangana six months ago. Revanth Reddy was working hard without any light at the end of the tunnel. The first hope came after the party won Karnataka.

But what happened in the last month or so is a sensation.

Congress thanks to Sunil Kanugolu’s Mindshare Analytics unleashed a sensational campaign for the party that suffocated the BRS. The campaign ensured that Congress was everywhere pointing out the Government’s failures with innovative advertisements in the media and social media.

Irrespective of the result on December 3rd, TDP should immediately subscribe to the services of Sunil Kanugolu. Even if Congress loses, bringing the party this close is nothing but brilliant.

Interestingly, TDP hired Sunil Kanugolu in 2022 but let his company go off within a few months of work. He still works for the party helping with advice on a larger perspective but is not strategizing TDP’s campaign.

Back then, they said it was a happy parting and was decided mutually.

TDP is working with another Political Strategist Robin Sharma’s Showtime Consultancy, a data consulting company, a data survey company, and a tech company that works on artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Probably, it’s time Chandrababu Naidu reassess his decision and bring back Sunil Kanugolu.