Today marks the most shameful defeat for any Telugu political party or president in the history of Telugu elections, and YSR Congress president YS Jagan Mohan Reddy deserves the mandate the public gave today.

When we look at the top majorities, Nara Lokesh rose from the ashes and set a sensational record, even beating a charismatic movie star like Pawan Kalyan.

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Not only that, Lokesh contested in a seat where a 40-year-old party like TDP hardly won. The reason Lokesh is getting mass elevations on social media is that he did not leave Mangalagiri because it was tough to win due to caste and social equations. He contested again in Mangalagiri and won with a record majority.

He won against YSR Congress candidate Murugudu Lavanya with a record majority of 91,500 votes.

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With this resounding electoral victory, the future leader of the Telugu Desam Party is set, and this first massive victory will always be special for Lokesh and the party.

Check the top VIP constituencies and their majorities below:

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1. Nara Lokesh – 91,500
2. Pawan Kalyan – 70,354
3. YS Jagan – 61,169
4. Chandrababu Naidu – 48,184
5. Nandamuri Balakrishna –  31,602