Tough But Rewarding Road Ahead For Pawan Kalyan

Pawan Kalyan has finally realized his long-standing dream of achieving something big in politics as he officially took charge as the deputy CM of Andhra Pradesh today. With this significant jump in Pawan’s political career, managing his political commitments and parallelly continuing with the film shoots is going to be excruciatingly tough.

Pawan’s immediate focus will obviously be on politics and fulfilling his deputy chief ministerial duties. This is what he has been waiting for since a long time and he would certainly be giving this role his best efforts.

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But at the same time, there is the commitment to complete OG, HHVM, and Ustaad which are in various stages of making. The onus is on Pawan to somehow make time for these films and complete them at the earliest.

Managing these tight schedules is indeed going to be tough for Pawan, considering that being the deputy CM and simultaneously carrying on with film shoots is an intense exercise. Managing time is going to be extremely tough as he will have to look after deputy CM duties, JSP activities and then be on film sets.

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But with that being said, Pawan has been craving for an opportunity in the political arena and he has finally gotten one. So the chances are that he would give it his best shot regardless of the time constraints associated with his film soots.

We could perhaps expect Pawan to slowly start making time to complete his immediate next films. The chances of him signing any new projects in the near future are almost non-existent though.

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