Tribals Protest Against Minister AppalarajuIn Palasa of Srikakulam District, minister Seediri Appalaraju was met with protests from the tribals. Adivasis staged a massive protest in Palasa demanding that no other caste should be included in their tribal list.

At the same time, when minister Appalaraju came to take the petition from the Adivasis, the Adivasis raised slogans against him.

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After taking the petition, the minister was leaving after talking to only three or four people. But the tribals objected and demanded that the minister speak on the mic and give a concrete assurance on their demand.

With this, the minister became impatient and accused the tribals of doing politics.

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After they did not relent, he took the mic and assured them he already took the issue to the CM’s notice and the committee is appointed.

But the tribals continued their protest despite the minister’s assurance.

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There have been protests in the tribal areas of Uttarandhra alleging that the government is including more castes on the tribals’ list for vote bank politics which is diluting the benefits available to them.