TRP ratings are increasingly capturing the audience’s interest, serving as a measure of a star’s popularity on TV and OTT platforms. These ratings are calculated by one agency known as BARC.

Recently, the low TRP rating of around 6 for Prabhas’ Salaar sparked significant fan wars on social media, highlighting the controversial nature of these ratings.

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The Indian Broadcasting & Digital Foundation (IBDF) emphasized to the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) that the current audience measurement agency, BARC, is sufficient.

They argued that introducing more agencies could complicate matters and lead to larger issues within the industry.

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IBDF noted that BARC, established under parliamentary committee instructions, involves key stakeholders such as advertisers, agencies, and broadcasters.

They suggested that increasing BARC’s sample size should be a priority to better represent audience data, rather than bringing in new agencies which could dilute the industry’s common currency.

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On the OTT side, IBDF pointed out the complexity of data collection due to the use of algorithms and AI-generated data by platforms.

They cautioned that involving multiple agencies could further complicate measurement efforts.

However, some stakeholders called for multiple agencies to ensure competition and accuracy.

Despite this, others remained confident in BARC’s accuracy, warning that multiple agencies could create conflicts and confusion over audience measurement data.