Telangana Assembly Elections

The Electoral Commission (EC) has completed preparations for the Telangana Assembly Elections, implementing measures to ensure a fair process.

Checkpoints are set up to prevent electoral malpractice, including the smuggling of prohibited items. The election, estimated at Rs. 150 crores, offers innovative features like at-home voting for citizens above 80.

Key stats highlight the significance: 3.26 crore voters, 2,290 candidates for 119 assembly seats, and 35,655 polling stations. Special provisions include 21,686 wheelchairs for disabled voters and 644 model polling stations. Notably, 597 polling stations will be run by women.

Security measures include 375 armed central forces companies and 50,000 policemen. Polling occurs from 7 am to 4 pm in 13 terrorism-affected areas and until 5 pm in the remaining 106 constituencies.

Liquor shops will remain closed until 5 pm on the 30th of this month. Results are expected on December 3.