TS Number Plates

The Regional Transport Authority (RTA) is planning to change the vehicle registration prefix in Telangana from ‘TS’ to ‘TG’.

New guidelines are being prepared, but existing number plates with ‘TS’ will remain unchanged. Only new vehicles will have the ‘TG’ prefix.

Initially, there were concerns that old vehicles might also need to switch to the new series, costing owners around Rs 400 per plate, but this won’t be required.

With over 1.60 crore vehicles in Telangana and about 10,000 new registrations daily, only newly registered vehicles will get the TG series.

After Andhra Pradesh’s bifurcation, 30 lakh vehicles retained AP plates. Currently, vehicles in Telangana have either AP (pre-June 2014) or TS plates.

With the new decision, vehicles in Telangana will display three registration codes: TS, AP, and TG, as many residents own vehicles with both TS and AP plates.