Revanth Reddy KCR Modi

Telangana Assembly elections polling is less than 10 days. We will get an idea if KCR will become the first CM in the South to become the hattrick Chief Minister or if Revanth Reddy will be able to stop him.

A few months ago, there was no such topic about who was going to come next in Telangana. The tables turned in favor of Congress when the Karnataka fortress was breached. But later Congress did very less to impress the people.

BJP’s conscious decision to stop its campaign helped Congress a bit and moved it to the second position.

But until then, there is nothing that Congress did to make its presence felt.

The Grand Old Party has been hitting the right notes ever since the schedule is out. It was able to create some impression that Congress will be a formidable force in this election and it is not going to be a walkover for the BRS.

For the first time since YSR, Congress had a mass leader like Revanth Reddy leading it.

And then, there is not much of a ruckus in the party over the tickets and the CM chair as much as we expect from Congress. Definitely, there is something but it is negligible by Congress’s standards.

The social media campaign of the party is superb grabbing the eyeballs. We are not sure if that can impact the ground but it is one of those things that Congress did right.

And lastly, the most important fact that helped Congress is nothing but the panic in KCR and KTR. For some reason, both of them gave the impression that they were locking horns with a formidable opposition. BRS leaders are even praising their arch-rival Chandrababu Naidu for that extra bit of votes. Their desperation is helping public perception in favor of Congress.

We do not know if the perception is strong enough to win, but certainly, Congress supporters will take this when they consider their flimsy hard work over the last five years.