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Undavalli Arun Kumar tried to hit Ramoji Rao’s financial roots by targeting Margadarshi.

He worked at the behest of YSR then and Jagan Mohan Reddy later so that Ramoji Rao’s Eenadu would be reined and fall in place to their agenda.

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Ramoji Rao did not budge and continued to fight for what he believed.

Until recently, Jagan tried to hound Ramoji Rao using CID and the basis for that is Undavalli’s cases.

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CID raided the branches of Margadarshi with the idea of scaring the subscribers into asking for their money back but nothing happened.

Finally, CID set its foot in Ramoji Rao’s residence in the name of questioning. They troubled him and his daughter-in-law Sailaja a lot.

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Jagan stooped to the level of leaking pictures and videos of Ramoji Rao, a man in his 80s in a hospital bed.

KTR in an interview revealed that Jagan wanted to arrest Ramoji Rao but the then Chief Minister KCR did not agree to co-operate.

Now, Undavalli comes before the media and is shedding crocodile tears offering condolences to Ramoji Rao.

The video of Undavalli is going viral on social media but people are abusing Undavalli for his Over-action.