visakhapatnam-railway-Zone-South Coastal Railway Zone (or Vishaka Railway Zone) was announced before 2019 election and has remained only as an election gimmick.

So far in the three budgets after the announcements, Union Government did not allocate single rupee for creation of the zone. TDP MPs have asked questions about the delay and the Central Government tried to dodge them.

“Creation of a new Railway Zone will take a long time. It involves transfers of 100s of staff and officials. There can be no time limit in the creation of the Railway Zone. In past, there are instances it has taken six years as well,” the reply said.

To another question, the Central Government said it is still examining the DPR submitted for the creation of South Coastal Railway Zone.

Going by the replies, it is clear that the Zone will not be created even before the 2024 election. People of Uttarandhra already started worrying if that will ever happen.