The electoral mandate delivered by the people of Andhra Pradesh is entirely in favor of the Kutami as Jagan’s YCP was utterly humiliated as it barely won 5% of the seats in the assembly.

Coming to the topic, the former IT Minister of AP Gudivada Amarnath who contested from the Gajuwaka constituency made a very interesting comment.

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“This electoral mandate is a referendum from the AP public that each and every informative change undertaken by the YSR Congress government is outrightly rejected. It includes having Vizag as the capital of AP. The voters have rejected the undertakings of the YCP government” Amarnath said.

This comment from the former minister shows the kind of rejection the YCP government faced and establishes the fact that the public didn’t approve a single move of Jagan. The plan to have Vizag as the executive capital which was anyway not implemented has been turned down in a one-sided manner.

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Meanwhile, Chandrababu had already made it clear that he will ensure the overall development of the state apart from Amaravati which would serve as the capital. He vowed to develop Vizag as the financial capital which is the more conventional and accepted practice.