YSR Congress ended up with a humiliating defeat in the recent Andhra Pradesh. From 151 seats in the previous Assembly, the party was reduced just eleven now.

This shock will take a long long time to sink in for Jagan Mohan Reddy who already started wild goose theories like EVM Manipulation.

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The actual reasons for the defeat are also difficult to ascertain.

If we look at the sections of society who voted and who did not vote, it is even difficult.

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It is like every community rejected. Otherwise, nothing explains this disaster.

The Reddy Community which always rallies with YSR Congress also deserted the party this time.

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Reddy Community which is only 3.5% of the total population in Andhra Pradesh dominated the list of YSR Congress candidates. Out of the 175 Assembly segments, they were given a whopping 49 seats. That constitutes to around 28% of the total seats.

If we remove 29 SC reserved seats and 7 ST reserved seats, the percentage is more than 35%.

In Rayalaseema, the number is even more shocking. Out of the 52 total constituencies, the Reddy community got a whopping 33 seats. That is 63.4% of the total seats. If we remove the nine SC reserved seats in the region, the percentage goes up to 75% of the total seats.

In Jagan Mohan Reddy‘s own District of Kadapa, Reddys got five out of the seven General seats.

But then, when it comes to the results, only six Reddy candidates won from YSR Congress and one among them is Jagan Mohan Reddy himself.

Jagan’s Pulivendula has the highest Reddy community population in the state. Next in the state is Anaparthi of East Godavari district.

A BJP candidate has defeated YSR Congress in Anaparthi and that explains how the Reddy community has deserted YSR Congress.

Leaving Jagan, if we take the remaining five Reddys, not even a single candidate won with a majority of 15K votes. Three of them, in fact, won with less than 6K majority. The influential Peddireddy Ramachandra Reddy escaped defeat by just 6K votes.

There are two Reddys who won with a paltry ~ 2000 votes.

For the first time, Reddys consumed anti-incumbency fully leaving aside the community feeling.

The impact of all factors like no development, arrogance, etc had an impact on this community as well as every other community.

The Rich Reddys who usually support YSR Congress reportedly gave up this time as Jagan neglected them. These people spent money to do various contracts and suffered as their bills did not get cleared.

Some political analysts say Jagan’s Election Slogan ‘Na SClu, Na STlu, Na Minoritylu’ rubbed the Reddys on the wrong side.

The land titling act also had a big impact on this community.

For the first time, the community saw all the reasons to defeat Jagan like how other communities did.

This is a surprise because even in 2014, Reddys overwhelmingly supported Jagan despite the electoral loss.

This desertion showed the impact on YSR Congress’s Rayalaseema results as well. The party just won seven out of the total 52 seats there.

The election is a big lesson for Jagan. The writing on the wall is even Reddy votes are not guaranteed for him and that should set the alarm bells ringing loud and clear.