Nara Lokesh Arnab Goswami republic tv Debate VideoVeteran politician and former Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu has been in jail for 7 days, and his son, Nara Lokesh, has been waging a battle against the system on his father’s behalf.

Now, he has taken the fight to New Delhi to raise awareness among national leaders about his father’s arrest, even as he deals with his own emotional turmoil.

In a surprising move, Lokesh participated in a debate with the formidable journalist Arnab Goswami.

Experienced politicians often think twice before going live with Arnab, as he is known for his exceptional communication skills.

However, Lokesh displayed remarkable clarity and confidence while defending his father and raising pertinent questions in national media interviews with Republic TV, Times Now, NDTV, and others.

Lokesh’s video clips are extensively shared on social networks by TDP and Janasena supporters, who applaud his communication skills.

There are very few Telugu politicians who can face national media, especially when compared to Jagan, who avoids local media, let alone national media appearances.

Watch few viral clips below.