Dr KS Jawahar Reddy, Chief Secretary to Govt of Andhra Pradesh

If the YSRCP government is in a hurry to shift departmental offices from Amaravati to Vizag, officials are raising key doubts. It seems that some senior IAS officers have asked Chief Secretary Jawahar Reddy how they can move to Visakhapatnam without receiving proper orders to change their workplace.

This raises doubts about whether it is feasible to govern Vizag as a central hub. Is it possible to administer Visakhapatnam from December 8th? Are all branches certain to relocate? Are the heads of departments prepared to move from Amaravati to Visakhapatnam?

Officials are questioning if it’s possible to move branches without the government officially notifying the change in the place of work. Some IAS officers still have reservations, and it appears that some officials have directly questioned the Chief Secretary of the Government.

According to regulations, the place of work is a crucial factor for the government, government departments, senior officials, employees, and staff. Officials have clarified that regulations do not permit arbitrary changes.

Some IAS officers have informed the Chief Secretary that if the government moves the departments without officially notifying the change in the place of work, they will not comply.

IAS officers believe that a three-member committee, comprising senior officials like Municipal Administration Department Special Chief Secretary Srilakshmi and Finance Department Special Chief Secretary Rawat, should provide a report on the establishment of offices in Visakhapatnam.

They argue that proceeding without such a report is a direct violation of the terms of service and is against the government’s business rules.

On the other hand, there is objection to the committee’s report suggesting that authorities can set up camp offices and shelters in VIMS in Visakhapatnam, as the government has issued orders to that effect. According to the guidelines of the National Medical Council, VIMS premises cannot be used for other purposes.