The Bengaluru rave party case has been grabbing headlines in the Telugu media for the last couple of days. The primary reason is that it was hosted at a farmhouse owned by a Hyderabad-based businessman, located in the Electronic City area.

During the raid, the police found a significant amount of drugs, including MDMA and cocaine, at the farmhouse. Various individuals present at the location were taken into custody. The investigation is currently underway to identify the rest of the attendees.

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It was reported that several Telugu actors were present at the venue. The police have confirmed that Telugu actress Hema was one of the attendees.

There was speculation that actor Srikanth and choreographer Jani Master were also at the party. However, they denied attending.

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This case has brought attention to the increasing rave party culture in India. This trend, adapted from Western countries, is becoming increasingly popular among Indian youth.

Rave party culture started in England in the 1950s and slowly spread throughout the world. Nowadays, it is on the rise in India as well, especially in tourist places like Goa and Kasol. It is also spreading to metropolitan cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, and Hyderabad.

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Generally, rave parties are held in closed and private areas. Only those with early access are allowed, and they have to pay a huge entry fee.

Rave parties start late in the evening and continue until the early morning hours of the next day. There is non-stop live music and a DJ playing at the venue, along with unlimited alcohol.

Additionally, a significant amount of various kinds of drugs is supplied at these parties. At some parties, intimate and sexual encounters also occur.

These activities are illegal in India, but unfortunately, youngsters are being influenced by Western culture and are adopting these rave party traditions.

After the Bengaluru incident, the police in other major states have started focusing on this rave party culture.