1.08 Lakh Resigned Volunteers

There is a discussion going on if the Mandate against YSR Congress is also the mandate against the Volunteers System. TDP initially opposed the Volunteers system but tried to woo them to their side by offering an increased honorarium.

People are used to getting the Door Delivery of Pensions and so, that aspect of Volunteers is important. At the same time, the YSR Congress lost as the connection between the MLAs and the Public got lost due to the Volunteers. So, the system will need some repairs if Chandrababu wants to continue it.

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Meanwhile, 1.08 Lakh Volunteers resigned just before the elections to work for the YSR Congress since the EC barred Volunteers from election duty.

If Chandrababu wants to continue the Volunteers system, he immediately will have 1.08 Lakhs of Jobs to fill.

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Remember YSR Congress appointed their party sympathizers as Volunteers. So, these jobs naturally will go to the TDP cadre.

Meanwhile, many resigned volunteers are saying that they resigned due to the pressure of the Ruling Party leaders and are requesting the Government to take them back.

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The other day, a group of Volunteers met Kakinada Rural MLA Vanamadi Kondababu and told him that the Ruling Party leaders pressured them to resign by blackmailing that they would be removed from their jobs after winning the election.

They requested the MLA to take their plight to the notice of Chandrababu Naidu.

The Volunteers particularly those who resigned played a vicious game just before the elections. When EC barred door delivery of pensions, Volunteers offered lifts on their bikes to the old people and tried to poison their minds that Chandrababu was the reason for their plight.

However, people turned out to be more knowledgeable and did not care for this propaganda.

Chandrababu would not easily forget that. Also, it will be very tough for Volunteers to earn the trust of the Chief Minister after working for Jagan all these years.